13 Best Destinations from ‘The Amazing Race’

13 Best Destinations from ‘The Amazing Race’


When she you think of locations to travel to and enjoy wine country, some of the more common choices are Napa, California, Italy, France, and even Africa. But Mexico has a flourishing wine country of its own.

In the in the state of Guanajuato, wine has been in a product since the 16th century, but back then it was reserved for the use of the church. These days that is not the case.

Valle de Guadalupe in Baja has over 100 wineries, and the area is not commercialized yet so it offers a unique travel experience.

Fernando Perez Castro, the owner of Valle’s La Lomita and Finca La Carrodilla wineries in the Baja area, has explained this as follows.

“All of the wineries here are family-based. We all live here. When you visit a winery, there’s a great chance you’ll see the owner or winemaker or the son of the owner hanging around.”

Baja is only about two hours south of San Diego, and in the wine region there is a service called UberValle that will chauffeur you around the wineries as well as to and from the airport. It’s even possible to do as a day trip for locals to the southern areas of California.


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