AWESOME: Teen Shows What Happens When You Try And Follow Michelle Obamas...

AWESOME: Teen Shows What Happens When You Try And Follow Michelle Obamas Nutritional Advice



Michelle Obama is on a mission to destroy anything tasty that your family enjoys.

Her disastrous impact on Americas school lunches has been well documented.

And recently, Michelles endorsed Twitter account @myplate tweeted out a cringe worthy alternative to the traditional campfire treat SMores, asking people to ditch the chocolate, and marshmallows, and do this:

Thats lowfat yogurt in place of the marshmallows, btw. Yes, disgusting. No argument here.

Well now one teenage conservative girl named Kayla Phaneuf decided to take Moochelle up on her recipe for the standard summer fare, with hilarious results:

Awesome! Cant wait to try roasted yogurt. Thanks Moochelle!

And remember this is the hypocrite who has been seen eating whatever the hell she wants, while preaching to the rest of us. Here she with Barry eating Philly cheese steaks with jumbo fries and sodas:


Remember also how her own daughters get to eat pepperoni pizza, ribs, steak fries, and meatball heroes for lunch at their $42,000/yr private school Sidwell Friends. All while pushing kale on your middle schoolers.

Kudos to Kayla for shredded the ridiculous First Lady Spouse. Im sure by tonight she will be lambasted as a racist by thin-skinned liberals everywhere.


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