Bill Whittle Sees Something ALL These Mass Shooters Have in Common

Bill Whittle Sees Something ALL These Mass Shooters Have in Common



Conservative Bill Whittles take on gun control is one you definitely want to hear…

From Chicks on the Right (via John S. Roberts):

Word magician Bill Whittle does it again. In his latest clip, he tackles the hot topic of the day: Gun control.

As usual, he makes a very convincing case. Its not the steel. Guns are inanimate objects. They have no mind, will or emotions of their own.

Ultimately, liberals want to blame the guns, because if its the guns, then its the steel and if its the steel, then its not them. Right? Whittle says.

What do you think?

Whittle isnt wrong that most of these mass killers are fatherless boys so why arent liberals pointing the finger at the breakdown of the traditional family?

Nearly every problem relates to the breakdown, but all Lefties can do is blame the gun. Thats like saying eating at McDonalds twice a day made you fat.

Its not the gun that pulled the trigger, its the mentally ill fatherless man-child who had no authority or structure in his lifetime.

Boys become men in the presence of men. Nuff said.

While liberals continue to push the notion that traditional families are no longer necessary, their policies keep putting lives at risk.


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