Heres What The University of Minnesota is Demanding Before They Let the...

Heres What The University of Minnesota is Demanding Before They Let the Redskins Play the Vikings in Their Stadium



by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

King Obama has spoken, and so his drones all fall into line.

The presidents trademark office in June suddenly (and many top attorneys contend, illegally) cancelled the trademark for the Washington Redskins because, well, just because Obama decided it was mean to Native Americans.

The problem for leftists is that Redskins owner Dan Snyder refused to back down, and is suing Obama to reverse this edict.

So now his minions in the media and academia are fighting his battles for him.

Case in point: The University of Minnesota wants the Washington Redskins to wear throwback jerseys without the team name or logo for the Nov. 2 game against the Minnesota Vikings being held at the colleges stadium.

From the Washington Post:

The college, which is leasing its TCF Bank Stadium to the Vikings as the teams new stadium gets built for a scheduled 2016 opening, has also asked that the game not have any Washington apparel or paraphernalia sold on the premise; that the word Redskins not be uttered by the games public address announcer; and that the teams moniker not appear on the scoreboard or in the program guide or other game-related print or digital material.

Vikings officials appeared receptive to the universitys appeal during a meeting in late July, according to Katrice Albert, the colleges vice president in the office of equity and diversity.

They said theyd make that request of the Washington team, but were not sure how it would be received, she said. The two Vikings officials said they are part of the NFL and dont have the authority to force the hand to change the Washington name but understand its offensive to some members of our community. The Vikings have a great working relationship with the tribal nations of Minnesota, and theyre very understanding of how this team name and logo impacts our community.

Love the Orwellian touch of forbidding the utterance of the very word Redskins. Typical liberal fascism.

Of course lost in this so-called controversy is the fact that, despite the Democrat activists who got Obama to act, polls show the vast majority of Native Americans are not offended by the Redskins moniker. And in fact dozens of Native-majority school districts use the Redskins team name themselves, including one Arizona school that is 100% Navajo.

Its going to be a long season.


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