Michael Browns Mother, Stepfather May Be Facing FELONY Police Charges Against Them

Michael Browns Mother, Stepfather May Be Facing FELONY Police Charges Against Them



by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

It looks like the thug life of Michael Browns mother and stepfather may catch up with them at last this week.

The slain Ferguson teens parents, and several others are facing possible criminal charges after a confrontation with street vendors over merchandise bearing the 18-year-olds name, a spokesperson with the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorneys office has confirmed. And the stepfather is facing additional criminal charges as well.

Just as tensions are rising again in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of two police officers by a Hands Up, Dont Shoot protester, the St. Louis Police Department has just released the results of a months-long investigation into the Oct. 18 beating and robberies of t-shirt vendors that left one hospitalized, reports The Smoking Gun.

And prosecutors are this week reviewing the evidence to determine whether to pursue charges.

The police report names Browns mother, Lesley McSpadden, as one of the people who participated in the alleged assault, which police have classified as a felony armed robbery.

And the stunning fact of the crime is that the victim was Browns own grandmother and all over greed for t-shirt sales to exploit his death at the hands of Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson.

As TRN reported at the time, this vicious incident occurred on the afternoon of October 18, when McSpadden and numerous other people showed up at a tent in the parking lot of a St. Louis barbecue restaurant. A few vendors were selling T-shirts emblazoned with images and phrases supporting Brown:


One of those vendors was Desuirea Harris, Mike Browns grandmother.


According to reports, McSpadden, her husband Louis Head, her mother Desureia Harris, and about 20 to 30 other people jumped out of their vehicles and crowded around the tent.


McSpadden allegedly confronted the vendors, saying, You cant sell this s***. Gordon replied that she was Browns grandmother, and that McSpadden didnt have a patent on Browns naming rights.

Wiht that, McSpadden ordered Harris to begin ripping T-shirts down off of a display line, while the others in the crowd ransacked the tent. During the melee, Gordon says she was knocked to the ground and absorbed several blows to the head.

Another vendor was severely injured and hospitalized for a fractured skull inflicted by a hammer blow to the head. Eventually, McSpadden and the crowd fled the scene with nearly $4,500 in stolen cash and merchandise.

Just days ago, McSpadden was disgracefully celebrating the shooting of two Ferguson police officers, in horrific comments she made on Facebook.

In addition to the possible felony charges Michael Browns mother and stepfather are facing, the latter, Louis Head is also facing incitement to riot charges for shouting Burn this bitch down to a large crowd gathered outside the police headquarters after the Grand Jury cleared Officer Wilson of all charges on November 25th.

That crowd then immediately began rioting, looting and torching stores. In all more than a dozen stores were burned to the ground, causing millions of dollars in damages.

Now Head may finally face the music for his crimes, along with his detestable thug Mom wife McSpadden.

Is it any wonder, with such stellar examples of parenting, that Mike Brown himself would commit a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store, and then attack Officer Wilson and try and take his gun?


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