When This Object Flew at His Car at 75 Mph His...

When This Object Flew at His Car at 75 Mph His Split-Second Reaction Saved His Life


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by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

The morning commute is a real drag for many of us. Eyes still crusty, waiting for coffee to take effect, trying to catch up on emails, scan a Facebook feed, or send a quick text while on the way to work.

Well you may want to rethink that last part after viewing the video below.

A Toronto driver, Andrew Sukhdeo, was paying close attention to the road while on the way to work last week and he owes his life to it. Thats because a tire that came off another car came flying into his windshield. He had a dash camera and captured the footage of the entire, stunning event.

What the video captures is astonishing. It shows an unseen vehicles tire coming off, then bouncing right over the median. Then the vehicle just in front of Sukhdeos just manages to dodge the flying debris. A split second later the tire is where Sukhdeos 2014 Toyota Corollas windshield was supposed to be.

The tire was traveling at nearly 80MPH when it struck his car.

Everything was just happening so quickly that there was not time to react or think, Sukhdeo said. I just kind of ducked.

According to TPD accident investigators, that reaction likely saved his life, as according to where the tire struck, the force of the tire could easily have caused a fatal head trauma or partial decapitation.



Sukhdeo had the dash-cam for peace of mind, probably just in case he was ever involved in a crazy car wreck like a tire flying through his windshield.

I hope to never get something this good [on video] again, Sukhdeo said. Im thankful it was there.

Another good reason to pay close attention while driving, and not text or play with your GPS.

Stay alert and stay alive.


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